Virtuse Exchange Turning Gold into Blockchain


Throughout our history, some of the world’s greatest geniuses like Sir Isaac Newton have tried to turn base metals into gold – only to fail. Or, ancient civilizations like the Egyptians ingested gold for longevity. And, now we have Virtuse Exchange turning gold into the Blockchain. Let’s face it, we have an obsession with gold. 

Virtuse Exchange enables investors from around the world to trade a broad range of crypto assets along with thousands of other traditional assets. In short, they combine the best features of traditional investment and digital assets.

You might be thinking for a second, what’s a digital asset? Well, in regards to the Blockchain, they’re a new kind of asset class that dates back to 2008, when Satoshi Nakamoto published an essay proposing the idea of a new digital asset. This became, what all we know now as — “Bitcoin.”

Since then, digital assets have evolved to become a buzzword in financial circles because how they can be applied to global financial markets have the capability to entirely revolutionize the financial industry. In today’s sense, a crypto asset is really just a token backed by an actual asset, i.e. fiat, gold etc.

When looking at crypto assets, lots of people fail to understand whether or not a cryptocurrency is “actually” backed by an actual asset. That’s because, technically speaking, a cryptocurrency or token, can be considered an asset because people perceive that there’s an inherent true value — to the extent that they’re willing to invest.

But here’s the catch, what many cryptocurrency providers have neglected to do is bridge the gap between “traditional assets” and “digital assets.” Right now, you might be thinking … how could this become possible?

Well, Virtuse Exchange has innovated “the whole” financial space as we know it by creating Digital Asset Collateralized Tokens (DACTs). In a nutshell, these are asset-backed crypto investments in stocks, bonds, commodities and other funds. This allows investors to take advantage of a multitude of investment options, opening up potentially trillions of dollars in assets through cryptocurrency trading.

Virtuse Exchange

Virtuse Exchange Introduces “DACTs,” and it Could be Revolutionary

Digital Asset Collateralized Tokens (DACTs) essentially connect tokens to real-world assets. They enable what could be the biggest change in investment history. With Virtuse Exchange, cryptocurrency investors can invest in a huge range of asset classes simply by buying DACTs that are secured against real-world assets.

DACTs are an attractive way to store profits during times of volatility rather than having to exchange cryptocurrencies into FIAT when the prices are undergoing sizeable price fluctuations. Here are just some of the benefits that Virtuse Exchange DACTs provide:

  • Borderless and available for trading every day of the year.
  • They successfully eliminate common intermediaries such as banks and custodians reducing transaction fees.
  • Everyone is able to trade without any limitations in terms of minimums, deposits, or collaterals.
  • The Virtuse financial ecosystem provides access to future trading offering new products to invest in that would only be, otherwise, be available for a select few.

You can learn more about the project and the upcoming developments on their official website, Medium publication, Twitter, or follow the live discussion at the Telegram group.

Mechelle Brown is a cryptocurrency writer who's in love with Blockchain technology and focuses on helping people see the value digital currencies have She joins BTC Heights after working as a freelance journalist and blogger.

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