Top 5 Bitcoin Trading Bots

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Top 5 Bitcoin Trading Bots

Highly volatile and speculative nature of Bitcoin market is a cause for essential risks. It, at the same time, is a potential ground for making profit with cryptocurrencies.

Most professional traders do not place orders manually. Instead, they minimize their efforts and time losses through Bitcoin automated trading. Moreover, using a Bitcoin earning bot allows people to focus on their day jobs and get passive income at the same time.

Automated Bitcoin Trading

Roughly speaking, automated trading is based on indicators of technical analysis, a methodology for forecasting price direction through studying market data, mainly price and volume.

Various types of trading strategies are automated using special software, such as trade bots. Thus, if you know the basics of technical analysis and are willing to try out your trading strategy, think of choosing a bot type on one of the platforms that offer trading software. As you are going to rely on the bot to earn you money, it is crucial to make the right choice.

Best Bitcoin Trading Bots

Below you will find a trusted list of software and trading platforms to backtest and automate your strategies.

1. Haasbot


Pricing: 3-months pricing plans, or licences, for 0.09 BTC, 0.16 BTC and 0.24 BTC

Supported Exchanges: CEX.IO, Bitfinex, BitMEX, Bitstamp, Bittrex, BTCC, BTC-E, C-CEX, GDAX, Gemini, Huobi, Kraken, Poloniex,,

Backtesting: available

Haasonline Software is a well-known company operating since 2014 and offering cryptocurrency-related trading software. Their solutions meet various automated trading needs and include Haasbot Trade Bots, Bitcoin Arbitrage Bots, Order Bots and Script Bots. The software is fully customizable, supports over 50 indicators and has insurance options, which are certain conditions that must be met for an order to be executed. Haasonline supports all major cryptocurrency exchanges, CEX.IO among them.
Currently, they have 3 different pricing plans or licenses. The cheapest one starts at 0.09 BTC per 3-months period.

2. C.A.T.

Pricing: 0.2 BTC for the lifetime license + 0.075 to 0.05 BTC per exchange API

Supported Exchanges: CEX.IO, Poloniex, Bittrex, BTC-E, Bitstamp,, HitBTC, Bitfinex,,, Kraken, C-CEX, Yobit, Coinsecure, Cryptopia, Vaultoro, Livecoin, The Rock Trading, TuxExchange

Backtesting: available

C.A.T. is a Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader in the form of a desktop application that operates using exchange’s APIs. Although this bot doesn’t have an official website, but a topic on Bitcointalk, it has a long release history dating back to 2013 and has gained many reputable feedbacks on this forum.

0.2 BTC is the pricing for a lifetime license or the software. In addition, you can activate APIs of supported exchanges, varying from 0.075 to 0.05 BTC per API. Activation of CEX.IO API for C.A.T. bot is free of charge.

3. Cryptotrader

Pricing: 5 monthly subscription plans for 0.004 BTC, 0.008 BTC, 0.014 BTC, 0.029 BTC, 0.058 BTC

Supported Exchanges: CEX.IO, Poloniex, Bitstamp, GDAX, Huobi,, BTC-E, Bitfinex, Kraken, Bittrex, Quoine

Backtesting: available

Cryptotrader is an algorithmic trading platform for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They allow traders to backtest and automate their strategies via a flexible built-in scripting language. Trading strategies can be fully automated by using trading robots running in Cryptotrader scalable VPS cloud. supports major Bitcoin exchanges, including CEX.IO, and offers a platform to build a trade bot in several minutes. Pricing plans vary from 0.004 to 0.06 BTC per month, depending on features and maximum equity amount each trading bot can operate with.

4. Tradewave


Pricing: 3 monthly pricing plans for live trading (for $14, $29, and $99); free strategies backtesting

Supported Exchanges: Kraken, Bitstamp, BTC-E, Bitfinex, Coinsetter, Okcoin, Coinbase

Backtesting: available

Tradewave is a platform for building Bitcoin automated trading algorithms. Here you can either choose an existing strategy or create your own from scratch. There are two main tools for building algorithms — a visual editor titled Scribe, which requires no coding but plain English, and Python IDE, an editor for creating more advanced strategies.

Platform’s advantages also include fast backtesting, live trading on several cryptocurrency exchanges and reliable hosting on Tradewave’s secure servers. The good news is also that backtesting and building strategies using Tradewave is free. You only get charged for automated Bitcoin live trading, from $14 to $99 per month, depending on the plan.

5. Gekko

Gekko Bot

Pricing: 0.2 BTC for the lifetime license + 0.075 to 0.05 BTC per exchange API

Supported Exchanges: CEX.IO, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bit-X, BTCC, BTC-E, GDAX, Kraken, LakeBTC, BitMEX, Okcoin, Poloniex, Zaif

Backtesting: available

Gekko is a totally free and open source software for automated Bitcoin trading with an active community of 60+ contributors on GitHub. It runs on all popular OS (Windows, Linux, MacOS) and supports many major exchanges, including CEX.IO. Currently, Gekko also comes with a web interface for data and strategies monitoring. Although it is not created by a major software company, Gekko is still worth checking out for live automated trading and Bitcoin backtesting.


No matter what automated Bitcoin trading bot you choose, remember that it is not a guarantee for high profits, but a useful tool to optimize your trading. CEX.IO is aiming to integrate with the best automated trading platforms and software to provide you with the best Bitcoin live trading experience.

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