This 9-Year Old Sells His Drawings Via Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

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On a quest to raise enough money to buy himself a Nintendo Switch, 9-year old Dennis takes advantage of the Lightning Network to sell his art masterpieces. 

9-Year Old Sells Sketches for Satoshis

A simple, WordPress-powered website called Lightning Pictures is selling unique sketches to anyone around the world.

While the above might not sound impressive, the fact that the artist behind the whole thing is a 9-year old boy called Dennis, certainly is.

And what Dennis loves to do, according to his own website is “drawing, computer games, and doing bitcoin stuff with dad.”

Apparently, the little fellow really wants to buy a Nintendo Switch. The console, however, retails for about $300 and Dennis’ dad has told him that he has to earn the money himself.

And since Dennis loves painting, what better way to earn some money than to sell some unique, custom-made sketches.

Elaborately, the kid is selling two types of sketches. The first one is a quick sketch and it only costs a dollar.

The second one is Dennis’ premium seller – the Awesome sketch.

“You want a seriously awesome picture?” Denis asks. If you do, you’d have to pay $10 for it. Pictures are sent on email or through the regular post but the recipient pays for shipping.

Payments are made using OpenNode and all of it is made possible by Bitcoin’s second-layer – the Lightning Network.

Another Seriously Cool Example of LN Use Case

Dennis’ quest to raise money for his Nintendo Switch is just another very interesting example of LN’s use case. But it’s definitely not the only one.

In late 2018, Bitcoinist reported that an artist has managed to auction off a tiny piece of art to the lowest bidder in order to display the micropayment capabilities of the Lightning Network.

Amazingly, the piece sold out for just 1 milli-satoshi or $0.000000037.

As people begin to discover newer ways to make use of Bitcoin’s second layer designed for cheaper and faster online payments, Lightning Network has already reached a capacity upwards of 710 BTC.

The number of nodes has been climbing rapidly currently at 6,481, while the number of active channels is now over 29,000 with over $2.8 million in capacity at current market prices.

What do you think of Lightning Pictures? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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