The United Allied States: A Primary Focus on Equality and Prosperity for All

The United Allied States (UAS) has set out to fight against globalism and its adverse effects. UAS commits itself to create a stable and global nation that supports interaction among government, businesses, and individuals for progress. The United Allied States is an independent sovereign entity like no other, as it prioritizes human life.

It bases all its activities on upholding human dignity and promoting success for all. The economy is always at the center of any government, and more often than not, used to measure how successful the government and its people are. One of the ways UAS intends to bring about prosperity is by focussing on economic growth, among other factors affecting it. 

This article shines more light on how the UAS government will achieve equality for all in a prosperous environment.


All nations depend on taxes collected to run operations, but most tax collection methods are inefficient. There are mismanagement and embezzlement of a huge chunk of taxes collected. Apart from taxes being a massive burden on citizens, there are also very many tax regulations hindering economic growth. Mostly, these regulations and multiple taxations take a toll on small businesses as they cannot afford the hefty taxes imposed. UAS forms a government that is income tax-free and does not charge corporate tax; hence, providing a platform that supports all business setups without unnecessary taxes.

Reduced Regulations

UAS commits to commerce and provides a suitable environment for businesses to prosper. One of the most effective ways of creating a business-friendly-environment is dropping all unnecessary regulations and laws that slow down business activities in our current systems. Removing these limitations enhances freedom and reduces trade barriers that are oppressive and backward. UAS will operate on only a few well-thought regulations. Likewise, it establishes freer zones propelling development without competition and politics.

A Functional Government Framework

Government bodies work together using the blockchain system. It will offer a platform with easy access to services. UAS will be an empowering rather than a limiting government by availing services to its people. Communications between the bodies are swift and frictionless. UAS will be the most stable government as it does not focus on politics. 



Technology is the key driver of economic growth. The more technology advances, the greater the economy grows.UAS will work with the reputable Apollo Fintech as its official tech partner. UAS will provide all its services more efficiently as the whole system depends on blockchain. This advanced technological network also supports all its bodies and departments. Above it, all blockchain will enhance e-commerce by providing patent options, marketing, and delivery of goods and services. UAS also created ample space for research and innovation to ensure perpetual growth. Furthermore, it will push for privacy, transparency, and eliminate identity theft.


UAS has a defense department dedicated to protecting citizens, allies, and partners. The department is in charge of all things related to national security. The effectiveness of this department will offer regional stability essential for building and running businesses. The intelligence system, which is part of security, will also manage resources and maintain good relations.


The energy department ensures that energy conservation is a crucial part, effectively catering to all its people. UAS will provide an adequate supply of energy and good management to avoid wastage and encourage proper disposal of waste. In doing so, it meets an increasing demand while conserving the environment and protecting the sources of energy.


As the UAS name suggests, this body thrives on alliances. These alliances formed are for the mutual benefit of all involved parties. The plan is to use treaties to acquire and ensure equitable sharing of resources among allies. Nations will collaborate to ensure all people have access to fuel, agricultural produce labor, etc. 

UAS has a department of states that advocate for trade and international partnerships. It also works on relationships with governments, organizations, and companies and ensures proper communication and sharing among the allied nations to provide labor mobility.

Sharing Growth Strategies

The fantastic thing about UAS is its determination to achieve and keep going. It has set up a system where there are constant improvements and development to fuel economic growth constantly. UAS will provide information and research data to help businesses’ grow. It also has bodies responsible for revising and negotiating trade agreements and enforcing applicable laws. UAS will be fostering business leadership and make all these extra services and information available to all its parties in an unbiased manner.


A well-performing economy directly impacts people’s lifestyles. Therefore, all these efforts UAS puts in to build a robust economic system are for citizens’ interest. One of the most effective ways of helping people is creating a fair financial system and sustaining it. All this will go a long way in upholding human dignity and decency. For example, when providing affordable and proper housing to reduce homelessness. 

Each individual receives the same respect and decent offers of equal chances at businesses; in turn, everyone gets a fair chance to succeed. The United Allied States aims to bring prosperity to local communities and stakeholders. It does not focus on politics but rather development for maximum growth and output. 

Globalization has very significant impacts that are far-reaching. It brings the action to remote places that would otherwise be on the sidelines, such as Africa and other third world countries.

Elina is New York based writer and media consultant. Currently she is involved as an advisor in several ICOs. In addition to her professional interests, she loves jazz, modern art, coffee, and yoga.

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