Stratus: The First Social Network Promoting Fast Payments, Free Speech and More

Stratus is a broad social platform set to merge mainstream social media forums like Facebook and Twitter with payment services all in one centralized website. 

The platform looks to remove the cloud of inconsistencies among existing social media platforms, such as the unwarranted censoring of opinions and content.

The project is already live and will be divided in four phases. The first phase will include functionalities from Facebook, Medium, Twitter, and Paypal. 

The feature-rich platform also plans to incorporate search engines like Google and Linked In for jobless people seeking employment.   

Stratus gets engineered by the Apollo blockchain, the fastest and most secure blockchain system harboring transactions with sub-seconds speeds. Apollo blockchain also boosts a military-grade end to end encryption, which Stratus will tap into, ensuring user information and private data secure and unhackable.

A Social Ecosystem That Fosters Privacy and Fairness

Contrary to the pioneers of social media communities, Stratus does not sell, track, or distribute user data. The corporation believes the decision should solely be to the account owner’s desire as they should be the full beneficiaries of the sale if they wish to do so. 

The project will stop the hideous violation of privacy that is vividly seen across social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter regularly.  

Moreover, Stratus believes people who use social media as sources of income should get full credit and reap uncut profits. Pre-existing social forums cut dividends from what influencers and content creators earn, raising the question of where the merits lie. 

One of the project’s objectives is to appreciate influencers’ input across every platform while offering numerous ways to earn income with the highest rates ever offered by any existing social platform.  

Stratus: The Social Network Where Business Meets Pleasure

Stratus is the social media gift that keeps on giving, and the platform has a bulk of services to offer the business fraternity. Businesspersons can go about their activities across several fields like marketing, stock exchange, crypto-trading, and money transfer, all in one centered account.

Knox WorldPay, a money and cryptocurrency transfer platform, is also embodied in the Stratus ecosystem. It has an extensive global reach with an agent network equipped to help people send and receive BTC anywhere at any time.

The remittances service also supports offline fiat and BTC transactions through text messages and recharge codes to include areas with no internet coverage. The merger between Knox Pay and Stratus promises to boost crypto-adoption worldwide.

Stratus also looks to foster e-commerce on its social network by offering a marketplace where users can engage in peer-to-peer trading. The platform has its own Apollo cryptocurrency that makes it easy for users to make payments and transfer funds on the ecosystem. Traders can also send BTC via Knox WorldPay. 

For many online traders, having multiple passwords and private keys for different accounts and wallets can be tiresome. Additionally, if one forgets their security credentials, it is likely impossible for them to make transactions if they eventually get locked out of their wallets. 

Stratus enables merchants to use one account to access their wallets from various payment platforms for convenience purposes, saving them the trouble of remembering multiple login details and passwords. 

The project is heavily encrypted, so there is no fear regarding hackers’ access; users’ funds and transaction history are completely safe.

Elina is New York based writer and media consultant. Currently she is involved as an advisor in several ICOs. In addition to her professional interests, she loves jazz, modern art, coffee, and yoga.

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