Smart Partnership Between LEVELG.NET and BFM Fintech

The launch of blockchain over a decade ago has created opportunities for the development and introduction of a number of helpful financial technology (fintech) tools. The use of artificial technology together with actuarial science are the boosters in inventing futuristic fintech products. While people are talking about one of the fintech inventions, for example the crypto wallets used to store digital money in tokens, a number of issues plagues this growing industry. The main issue associated with the crypto wallet industry is that of scammers and hackers who are ready to cart away with cryptocurrencies worth millions of dollars from the centralized platforms. The number of centralized wallet and exchange attacks the crypto industry have experienced over the years has generally discouraged most people from buying and owning these cryptocurrencies. This has given these cryptocurrencies a negative view and has led to the ban of these digital currencies in numerous countries. Therefore, the future of blockchain industry must be re-invented via decentralized fintech products.


To resolve this major problem, the LEVELG platform was idealized to accommodate the future need of digital wealth security. The mission of this platform is to facilitate the financial climate of the under-banked and unbanked communities through knowledge and decentralized concept. While this project has been designed to offer a plethora of services, its focus right now is on the development of the future people’s platform choice to start their own online entrepreneurship. The platform will be named as GWALLET.

To help offer these services to global users, the LEVELG has entered into a smart partnership with a financial technology company BFM Fintech.

BFM Fintech

BFM Fintech, on its own, is a holistic platform that provides users with e-commerce, e-payment, as well as financial trading services to completely simplify your fintech investment process. The partnership between these two platforms will offer users from across the world numerous benefits.

Benefits Of The Smart Partnership Between LEVELG And BFM Fintech

There is a number of benefits users stand to gain when these two advanced and leading platforms enter into this partnership:

  • Generally, it is a huge kick-start to explore areas of cooperation for both parties in line with the current and future Digital Economy Strategy.
  • The partnership between these two platforms will educate and create Fintech products believers and the users themselves will utilize the blockchain ecosystem to their benefit.
  • The partnership between these platforms will create interrelated users and they will be connected to a holistic one stop fintech platform.

While speaking to newsmen, Mr. Shahzool Hazimin, the Founder and CEO of LEVELG disclosed that the smart partnership program will provide the platform with knowledge transfer to the people and most importantly, fintech is never a choice anymore, It has to be “a must have” to the current and future generations. Mr. Shahzool further reiterated that BFM Fintech partnership would bring about many positive benefits that would completely change how people view blockchain based fintech products. Eventually it would save the people from falling to fake projects developed by scammers.

  • Conclusion

The smart partnership between these platforms is not confined to blockchain ecosystem as fintech is a very broad area ready to be explored by LEVELG and BFM Fintech.

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