We are living in the era of technology development, similar technology products are rapidly blooming (appearing) in the market. However, the more modernization is, the more costly becomes. Therefore, technological development always has to be accompanied by an advanced security system. Safe Wallet is one of the new technology products applying today’s most advanced technology security system.

What is the Safe Wallet?

Safe Wallet is a new generation of e-wallet being advanced so that users can easily store cryptocurrencies right on their mobile device. Safe Wallet also improves many new features, bringing users more authentic experience like developing itself from an ordinary e-wallet to a crypto wallet with the world’s most secured system.

From this transformation, Safe Wallet has transformed itself into a place that allows users to store, swap (exchange), stake (earning interest rates with just a few simple steps) and payment for various types of services.

Safe Wallet is aimed at diverse users in the world. Safe Wallet supports most cryptocurrencies available on the market today. With Safe Wallet, users only need to store a single backup of their assets, thereby simplifying and optimizing personal wallet management. And one more important thing is that the Safe Wallet is very compatible with exchanges like Binance. 

What are the most applied advanced security systems in SafeWallet?

Safe Wallet is applying the world’s most advanced Blockchain technology. With this modern technology, users’ digital assets (cryptocurrencies) are allowed to record transactions transparently on the Blockchain environment in a clear and unremovable way.

Moreover, to secure the security, as well as asset safety, Safe Wallet has applied an advanced security system, ensuring for users a sense of safety and trust when using Safe Wallet and storing their assets.

With the competitive advance of Blockchain technology, the founder team of Safe Wallet have applied advanced security technology such as setting up a firewall, allowing cloud storage, 2FA (two factor authentication) security, KYC (Know Your Client) procedures two modes, Face ID and self-logout screen security. For back-end, the system sends OTP codes to the visitor. At the same time, the system notifies that access to the control system administrator. In addition, when strange access to a user’s account appears, Safe Wallet will send an alert so that the user can stay informed. Moreover, in order to access from a strange IP, it must be approved by two super admins to minimize any external intrusion to user information.

Finally, to ensure absolute security of the user’s assets stored in the wallet, manufacturers choose to cooperate with reputable banks and insurance companies for excellent protection when using Safe Wallet.

E-wallet is a new product of the financial technology market and also a new development trend in the future. It has not only met the users’ expectations for convenience, agility and intelligence; but also ensures safety. To meet the needs of users, Safe Wallet always strives to improve and upgrade the following versions to become more and more optimal and convenient to perfect their products.

Elina is New York based writer and media consultant. Currently she is involved as an advisor in several ICOs. In addition to her professional interests, she loves jazz, modern art, coffee, and yoga.

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