Revamping Content Globalization and Localization with AIWORK

When it comes to setting your crypto project apart from the rest, you have to dig deeper into the finer marketing concepts from yesteryears. One particular marketing concept that makes brands stand out is target audience marketing and it has some finer details within itself that you can focus on for better results. These finer details include localization, globalization, and internationalization.

The video content industry in particular has to ensure they work on their localization and globalization techniques as their content is viewed by different individuals from divergent demographics. AIWORK is an up-and-coming blockchain project on this delicate video content industry.

Powered by blockchain tech and focused on leveraging the possibilities availed by artificial intelligence (AI), AIWORK facilitates a marketplace of crowdsourced AI human experts to help create, verify, and validate AI data sets that make artificial intelligence smarter.

The industry the project falls under makes it the perfect candidate for proper target audience marketing as different people and cultures view the content presented to them differently. A good example is ensuring you understand the respect the Indian subcontinent gives to certain animals and you don’t show any video content that goes contrary to their beliefs.

AIWORK and Content Globalization and Localization

Content localization makes a particular resource accessible to an audience from a targeted locale, while globalization makes a particular resource accessible to individuals from divergent locales and cultures. From their whitepaper, the AIWORK team has deeply analyzed the issue of content globalization and localization in the video content sector and is working towards diminishing the problems seen.

One of the issues the AIWORK team points out is how the video industry has at least 80% of its internet content accessible in only one of the 10 top languages. English is the main language that most videos are accessible in, making it hard for people from non-English speaking nations to understand them. This issue presents certain roadblocks to content producers and advertisers as they have to tailor their resources to just one market segment.

AIWORK’s content globalization and localization techniques are set to help tackle such issues such that linguistic and cultural diversity do not experience any video content hurdles. The AIWORK team points out that “…due to complications and costs of transcription and translation, many times content producers are restricted to distribute only in their own local market and maybe a few markets abroad for distribution.

The project is revamping this target audience marketing landscape by ensuring video distribution is not limited and content producers can access areas around the globe without having to worry about language or cultural barriers. How is this made possible? Through AIWORK’s vast network of human experts from different demographics.

AIWORK has mastered the art of using localization as a strategic variable in their global endeavors.

AIWORK’s Content Localization and Globalization Features

For localization, AIWORK considers:


For the translation of video content, you have to go beyond word-for-word swaps from your native language to your target language. AIWORK understands this and through their community of human experts, the project takes the spirit of a given piece and ensures the translation is not only in the target language, but it makes sense on the overall brand and target market.


Imagery in video content has to do with simple details like symbols and colors that represent different things in different cultures. AIWORK’s localization leans towards making sure images make sense for the market; for example, learning that even if white is a bridal color in many western regions, there are cultures where it is a mourning attire.

User Interface

When publishing a video to a target audience, a simple feature like the size of the translated text will make the difference on whether the audience will stay glued to your piece or not. The user experience for localization has to do with font sizes, displays, and layouts such as the vertical languages used for Asian countries like China or Japan, or the Arabic right-to-left layout.

As for globalization, AIWORK considers:

Market Entry Strategy

It is of great importance that when entering the foreign video content market that AIWORK focuses on factors such as licensing, mergers, or investing in other video content projects abroad.

Global Branding

This has to do with how the AIWORK brand’s video content distribution shifts in different markets. Through their Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR), they can now come up with a global market value proposition that guides the project on how content should change for international audiences.

In conclusion, AIWORK uses globalization as a solid foundation to aid in the expansion of the company, especially since they offer the same video content products and services in multiple markets. This globalization is then complemented by localization as the latter adds the finer changes to the messages getting conveyed to the audiences so that it feels more native and accepted in the target market.

More on the AIWORK project here: Website, Telegram, Twitter, Medium

Elina is New York based writer and media consultant. Currently she is involved as an advisor in several ICOs. In addition to her professional interests, she loves jazz, modern art, coffee, and yoga.

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