Power Your Business with Customized Business Tokens on the SUBAJ Blockchain Platform

SUBAJ platform is focused to revolutionize the shopping industry and brings a plethora of advantages to the merchants and customers. As an unbiased platform, it brings a market capitalization potential to the merchants using a customized business token, GeoDrop technology, and real-time offers facilitation.

Utilizing the power of ultramodern technologies of the blockchain, Social Gamification, Augmented Reality and Pokemon Go concept, SUBAJ fuels the growth of merchants and retailers.

SUBAJ platform is actually SUBAJ Global Network (SGN) that offers a blockchain platform, SUBAJ Exchange platform (SXP) and SUBAJ Tokens to the merchants. The SUBAJ Global Network powered by blockchain allows the merchants to utilize SBJ (SUBAJ Tokens) as well as create customized Business tokens that can be offered to the customers as reward points.


The advantage of customized business token

SUBAJ Exchange platform is a unified platform that makes it possible for merchants to make their customized tokens more liquid-able. The merchant who decides to be part of the SUBAJ Blockchain can develop his own customized token with unique features so that it gets a competitive advantage over its business competitors. These customize business tokens will be called native token and will be listed on SUBAJ Exchange platform to exchange for SBJ or any other listed cryptocurrency.

Let us consider a situation where an apparel merchant creates his customized token. He offered these tokens to a customer as reward points. The customer can go ahead and exchange these native tokens from the apparel merchant and exchange them with either SUBAJ Global Tokens or any other particular token where he intends to trade.

The customized token brings merchants advantage of:
· Offering unique services by creating customized tokens
· Creating their own brand value
· Merchant has access to two types of tokens one the native token and other the SBJ token.
· Merchants can even sell their native tokens
· They can offer tokens to the customers as Loyalty token, Prepaid tokens or Discount token.

Customization of tokens opens up a striking opportunity for both merchants and the customers. While the merchants can use the GeoDrop technology while they onboard the blockchain platform, they get access to a potential marketplace that will open up new gates of targeted marketing and advertising too. The merchants can now target all the customers who are on SUBAJ platform as the artificial intelligence loaded platform predicts the shopping behavior of customers who are in the geofencing location and help the merchants create a special offer for them in real-time to engage more customers. The customer can choose to indulge with the merchant using the native tokens or SBJ tokens.


With the power of customization of tokens, the customers feel empowered as they can reap the advantages of two different cryptocurrencies at the same time and on the same platform using the wallet and exchange platform offered by the SUBAJ. The merchants do not feel bound in innovation and creativity by limiting their trade to just SBJ. They can tokenize their assets, products or services to make them more accessible and secure unit of trade over SUBAJ platform.

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