OKEx on the Menu at Warren Buffett Power Lunch?

After surprising traditionalists by moving Warren Buffett’s annual charity fund-raiser from New York City to San Francisco’s Bay Area, Justin Sun is set to upset the applecart again, by bringing in a top team of blockchain heavyweights to finally win the billionaire’s support of crypto.

It’s been a struggle, but all the indicators show that maybe, finally, the legendary investor, nicknamed “the Oracle of Omaha” gets bitcoin and crypto.

It’s understandable, after all Buffett is widely recognized as the world’s best investor, indeed he has built a fortune estimated at $88 billion through his Berkshire Hathaway group and from some shrewd investments, but he’s from a different generation and a different age, that needs to see and feel something to appreciate its value.

Crypto is different, it’s born of the internet, and is widely expected to (eventually) become the internet’s de facto currency – it’s just a matter of time.

Helping Sun, the CEO of 10th-rated cryptocurrency Tron, are expected to be some leading lights from the world of blockchain and business.

He might well invite, Jack Ma, head of $500-billion rated Alibaba to the table, and his former mentor at the elite entrepreneurial school, Hupan University, to the table.

It’s also likely, according to an insider close to Tron, who did not wish to be named, that he brings in representation from leading exchange OKEx.

The exchange is rated as number one by adjusted trading volume by Coinmarketcap, with an adjusted 24-hour volume of nearly $2.5 billion.

The insider said: “Bringing in executives from an exchange like OKEx makes sense. They are best placed to outline how popular the market is, despite the volatility. People want to trade crypto, so why not get an expert from a big exchange to help explain things more clearly?”

One thing is clear: “hype master” Sun is going in all guns blazing, and leveraging all the power of Tron’s marketing machine to demonstrate the benefits of blockchain to Buffett, and the rest of the traditional, conservative world of business and finance.

In the past 19 years the annual dinner, which will be held on July 25 this year, has helped to raise $35 million for the homeless charity Glide. An organization that helps people across the Bay Area to get back on their feet.

Jason Sander is a web developer and designer, passionate about about learning languages, cultures and the Internet. He is fascinated by Blockchain technologies.

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