Now Earn Great Returns With EGW Capital Through Liquidity Mining

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In exciting news for crypto enthusiasts, EGW Capital is bringing forth a set of new opportunities to earn from the comfort of your home without burdening your brain with complex investment strategies. EGW Capital, the Blockchain investment bank, provides an exciting opportunity for DeFi lovers to earn a minimum of 39.6% annually or APY (with no upside limit) by providing liquidity to its automated market-making (AMM) pool created on the Tomochain based LuaSwap. LuaSwap is a decentralized crypto exchange.

LuaSwap is similar to Uniswap protocol with the same user interface but with low fees and blazingly fast transaction execution speed.

The new EGW tokens have migrated from Ethereum to Tomochain Blockchain and are listed on LuaSwap. EGW Capital is proposing a public IEO and the LuaSwap listing is for the price discovery ahead of the IEO. Whatever the EGW token price will be after 9-12 months of listing on LuaSwap may be considered the IEO base price. Hence, this process may create wealth for the early entrants.

So what is it all about?

As you may know, AMM pools are designed to provide constant liquidity by allowing traders and investors to swap one token for another, hence providing a functional trading market round the clock.

An AMM protocol like LuaSwap deals directly with the buyer and seller instead of an order book exchange model. The user interface is simple, where you get the option of exchanging one token with another. Since the gas price on Tomochain is extremely low, it will add value for the people who decide to self-manage their liquidity pool.

Instead of relying on a handful of market makers for a particular token, the crypto investors can set up their market-making business with as little as the US $100. So it’s just starting your own business and make returns without putting your hard work into it. In the era of automation, smart business is gaining traction.  For example – If you wish to become an AMM for ETH/USDT pool, you will submit an equal amount of ETH and USDT in the pool. Whenever somebody performs a transaction in the pool, you will earn 0.35%, depending on your contribution percentage. So, this is how the EGW token will also work.

Still, this may be too much hassle for the trader, and the earning depends on the pool’s usage. If there is no pool usage, your making becomes stagnant, but EGW guarantees the upside by bringing together several liquidity providers if you invest through its EGW LP tokens (EGWLP)

The whole story which we discussed above is called Liquidity Mining or Yield Farming. You may have heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum mining; liquidity mining is a whole new concept and is the most preferred business model for people looking out for passive income without sparing additional time.

What’s the USP of the EGW Liquidity Mining Opportunity?

Firstly, as we know, Bitcoin mining is expensive and consumes a lot of electricity, whereas Liquidity mining needs no electricity. You just need the tokens and the cash to begin your journey.

Secondly, if you wish to provide liquidity to the USDT/EGW pair on LuaSwap, you can simply buy EGW LP (EGWLP) Token, which will soon be up for sale through an ICO. The ICO will target to raise the US $20 million through the proposed offering. 

The EGWLP token is priced at US $2 each and will always remain stable. Hence it will not lose its value. A minimum investment of US $50 will be required in the EGW LP tokens to participate in the liquidity pool farming. You can invest any amount above the US $50.

The EGWLP token will earn on your behalf and will automatically provide liquidity to the EGW token. Hence, all LP token holders will receive the minimum number of EGW tokens and the pool’s liquidity fee, which will be an extra income over the guaranteed APY.

This means that even if you don’t know how to manage your liquidity pool, you can simply earn by buying an LP token and hold it for continuous returns.

The holder of the EGWLP token will receive 15 EGW tokens every week as a dividend. As per the current price of US $0.05, the returns are close to 40%. Your APY returns will be linked to the EGW tokens’ price because EGW Capital will give you a fixed amount of EGW tokens, and the price of the token may go up or down depending on the market fluctuations.

Can’t you provide liquidity yourself?

Every user is free to add liquidity himself, but in this case, the guaranteed amount of EGW tokens will not be credited. Instead, the user will only earn the pool liquidity fee, which is 0.35% per trade. The investors in the ICO will receive guaranteed EGW tokens irrespective of the volume in the pool. So even if there is zero volume in the pool, you will be still earning your APY. 

How Can You Earn More Through EGW Liquidity Mining?

The simple strategy is to accumulate your EGW token rewards. It is evident that with the constant increase in the size of the liquidity pool, the EGW token price will increase. Though the EGW price may be volatile initially but slowly, it will begin to stabilize and move upwards exponentially. The IEO will give the people another chance to exit as the tokens will be priced more in the IEO than today.

Holding your token will also make sense because the EGWLP token price is stable with fixed rewards. This means it eliminates the risk of losing principal. This is one of its kind DeFi projects which will ensure principal protection.

You can also transfer your LP tokens to anybody privately for cash. The LP token holder, on the record date every week, will receive the dividend. Hence, it will provide freedom for the people to enter and exit their position privately. 

EGWLP Token ICO Date

The whitepaper and the dates will be available soon. The ICO will open on the EGW Capital website itself, and the only accepted payment method will be stable coins like USDT, USDC, and BUSD. The minimum investment will only be the US $50.

What’s in for the selling agents? 

If you have selling/influencer capabilities, you can earn up to 10% commission on EGWLP tokens’ sale. The details of which will be provided in the whitepaper. You can use any social marketing technique to earn a commission for your efforts.


  1. An investor can earn a guaranteed income by buying EGWLP tokens. 
  2. Irrespective of trading in the liquidity pool, you will still earn your EGW tokens.
  3. Accumulate your EGW tokens or sell them every week.
  4. Protection against impermanent loss.
  5. No technical knowledge is needed. Just buy the EGWLP token and let the EGW Capital algorithm do the job.
  6. The selling agents can earn up to 10% commission for selling EGWLP tokens in their respective countries.

We have to wait for the whitepaper to learn more, but the opportunity looks exciting.

Elina is New York based writer and media consultant. Currently she is involved as an advisor in several ICOs. In addition to her professional interests, she loves jazz, modern art, coffee, and yoga.

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