Monpax Brings Active Crypto Management to Global Investors

Making a fortune in Bitcoin was easy if an investor got in early. As the last few years have demonstrated, the crypto markets have become more nuanced. Monpax is a new way to invest in cryptos, without having to stay on top of the markets every day.

Monpax is a lot like a crypto hedge fund that offers investors professional investment expertise with a dead simple interface.

Instead of trading every day and devoting hours to research, Monpax allows crypto investors to make a deposit in a wallet, and have their Crypto invested by professional crypto traders. Unlike automated trading bots, Monpax is run by humans that live and breathe the cryptocurrency market.

Monpax Makes Crypto Investing Simple

Hedge funds have been wildly successful over the last two decades in the established financial markets. The trading methods that hedge funds use vary, but the business model they use is simple.

Investors give hedge funds their money, and the funds charge a fee based on performance. If the fund makes money, it will take a portion of the gains. In most cases, hedge funds charge a fee for assets under management as well.

Monpax has a similar business model, but it only takes a fee if it is able to create gains for its investors. The fund could be a great way for investors to put their Bitcoin to work in the wider crypto market.

Get in Early, Make Big Returns

The crypto market is creating new investment dynamics. There are loads of ICO’s out there that can create enormous returns for investors, but keeping track of them is more than a full-time job.

There is a reason why Venture Capital (VC) funds can make investors returns that are far greater than almost any other market. Getting into a promising company in its early stages is the best time from an investment perspective, but it is nearly impossible for most investors to gain exposure to the VC market.


ICO and other similar token offerings have changed that. Today, small investors can buy into small companies in the same way that VC firms to, with a fraction of the money. The real challenge is knowing what tokens to buy, which is where Monpax enters the picture.

Professional Crypto Investment Management at Monpax

The crypto markets move fast. There are a lot of new tokens hitting the market all the time. Monpax has a team of crypto investment professionals who are watching the markets and looking for new opportunities that might fly under the radar of retail crypto investors.

Getting into a hedge fund can be difficult, but investing your cryptos with Monpax is simple. If you want to have an actively-managed crypto portfolio that is 100% denominated in the world’s most popular token (BTC), Monpax could be a perfect fit for you.

Investing With Monpax: Flexible, Transparent and Innovative

Monpax acts like a hedge fund or active investment manager, but it doesn’t take any commission unless it creates a profit for its investors.

The company uses an 80:20 split when it makes a profit, which means that it takes 20% of any gains. The other 80% of the profits are deposited into the investors’ wallets on a daily basis.

Unlike many bespoke funds, Monpax has no minimum investment period, and investors can request a return of their funds in BTC at any time. Instead of using fiat currency to keep track of gains and losses, Monpax uses BTC.

The updated account balance for every investor is available in the Monpax wallet and is updated at midnight UTC on a daily basis.

Get Into a Growing Market

There were a lot of broken hearts after Bitcoin prices fell from the record highs they set in late 2017. Many retail investors got burned by the massive volatility that seems to define crypto trading.

Emotions never helped anyone make money, which is one of the reasons why some professional traders outperform retail investors, especially in markets that are young and growing.

Bitcoin was a revolutionary idea that spawned a huge number of blockchain-based projects. Some of them may share the same success that drove Bitcoin prices from less than $10 USD to over $18,000 USD, while other projects simply won’t go anywhere.

Like the tech boom of the 1990s, the crypto market is probably going to expand by a few orders of magnitude before there is a plateau, and this represents an ongoing opportunity. Getting in with a solid investment management team is one way to ride the crypto bull higher, even if there is continued volatility.

Monpax Offers a Unique Service

Ever hear of Chainlink? Not many people knew about it when 2019 began, but so far since last year the LINK token is up more than 800% in US dollar terms.

Chainlink addresses the ‘oracle problem’ with Ethereum. It is easy to make a smart contract that is tied to an event in the real world, but there isn’t any way for the blockchain to know what is actually happening in real life.

Enter Chainlink, which will give people who want to use smart contracts that are tied to real-world events a reliable way to source information. Seems like a great idea, but with so much noise in the crypto world, it is easy to overlook promising projects.

With thousands of tokens out there, finding the next crop of winners is a full-time job.

Additionally, trading financial assets can be demanding. Many people and institutions trust other people to invest on their behalf, and Monpax is bringing that know-how to the crypto markets.

Monpax has designed an easy to use investment platform that allows investors to deploy their money into the crypto market with minimal work. Trading bots require a lot more work to use, and can also be expensive.

Human investment managers have the ability to do market research in ways that algos can’t, which can help to spot a potential winner before it has tripled.

Monpax’s rate structure is also very fair. It doesn’t charge anything to invest with its service, and Monpax only gets paid if it is able to make its investors a profit. It is a very compelling arrangement that could have a place in any investor’s portfolio.


Elina is New York based writer and media consultant. Currently she is involved as an advisor in several ICOs. In addition to her professional interests, she loves jazz, modern art, coffee, and yoga.

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