How CryptoBlades Is Altering The Fantasy Game NFT Realm

The NFT realm is a massive one, while the Fantasy Role-Play industry is lucrative, meaning that the bridging of both worlds will alter the way things are done in both NFT and Fantasy Gaming. This is what CryptoBlades is doing.

Everything about the CryptoBlades realm is focused on NFT to the extent that each character has its peculiar NFT that records information like ownership, activities, the number of enemies that have been killed, special skills and so on. One key aspect of CryptoBlades is transparency, meaning that the digital assets owned by a character can easily be traced. This universe is a great way to intimate users about NFTs while they have fun.

What Activities Can Players Enjoy on CryptoBlades

Fantasy game lovers can now smile with the presence of a role-play gaming blockchain-based universe. There are incredible activities that players can carry out in the game.

  • Compete Against Each Other:

Players can compete against each other to win a reward. They can explore the virtual land, fight others, while the last standing player becomes the winner. Lovers of role-play games across the world can battle with one another for the winning title.

  • Raid Town With Friends

This is an awesome way to bond with friends and family members. Players can come together and form a team while hunting for a common enemy. They can destroy monsters and enemies, while earning NFTs and SKILL token on the way.

  • Customize Their Character and Weapons

CryptoBlades takes the customization activity serious, and that is why it offers users that ability to do that. With the click of the button, a player can change their blade composition, skills level, and other crucial aspects to make the exploration process easy. The customized weapon NFT that users make can be used in the battle or sold in the marketplace. Those players that do not fancy customizing their weapons themselves can easily buy innovative weapon NFTs in the marketplace.

How Can Players Earn NFTs and SKILL Token

Carrying out tasks and displaying amazing skills while fighting off enemies can earn a player incredible NFTs and SKILL Token. The NFTs earned can be sold in the marketplace, while the SKILL token can be staked to improve the liquidity of the platform, while earning more rewards in the process.


Though it is yet to be announced, CryptoBlades is currently discussing a partnership agreement with Chainlink and other revolutionary blockchain and gaming platforms. CryptoBlades prides itself as a platform that has gone through a topnotch security audit process to ensure that gamers and their NFTs are safe while they utilize the functionalities in the ecosystem. With CryptoBlades, there is now a thin line between Fantasy Gaming and the NFT realm.

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