Gold Secured Currency (GSX): The Crypto Investment in 2020

The Crypto Investment in 2020

Cryptocurrencies have stood the test of time with over a decade in existence. However, some experts classify cryptocurrencies as one of the riskier investments in the market. Nevertheless, crypto enthusiasts consider crypto an investment that requires slightly more due diligence than the average asset. Their high volatility is a risk they are willing to take, but ultimately, that risk doesn’t inspire mainstream investors’ confidence. 

These investors go into an investment envisioning growth and stability, which is why Apollo Fintech came up with Gold Secured Currency (GSX). Typically, stablecoins offer price stability at the expense of increasing in value. Fortunately, Apollo Fintech, a leading blockchain-based financial solutions company, has figured out a way to make GSX grow in value exponentially. This article will look at the stablecoin and how it is the ideal investment for your portfolio.

Gold Secured Currency (GSX)

GSX makes a debut as the world’s first stable growth coin launched by Apollo Fintech. Gold Secured Currency combines the best features of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins into one secured asset, aiming to provide an all-inclusive investment opportunity. This brainchild is Apollo Fintech’s multi-billion dollar, 3000-acre gold-rich land, and gold mining jackpot.

Features of Gold Secured Currency

Value and Asset Backing

GSX is secured by assets that are stable and grow in value; gold and land rich in gold. Apollo Fintech owns nearly 3700 acres of gold-rich land in Zimbabwe. The continual increase in the value of such land and gold are definite security assurances backing GSX. 

Gold Secured Currency is backed by 50% of the gold and any other metals mined by Apollo. The stablecoin is also backed by the gold-rich land, an asset that appreciates, thereby continuously increasing GSX value.

Additionally, 50% of coins left over from CDE (Coin Distribution Event) will undergo coin burn and their value added to the existing coins as backing. Moreover, Apollo Fintech plans to reinvest 25% of all related products’ transaction fees to buy more gold and more gold-rich land, thereby increasing GSX’s backing



Nothing is more enticing for investors than an asset that keeps increasing in value. Stephen McCullah, CEO of Apollo Fintech, describes GSX as “the ultimate crypto investment because it mixes a stable asset value with growth.” It is expected that the continued increase in the value of the backing assets will contribute to the growth of the coin. The nearly 3700 acres of gold-rich land in Zimbabwe will see a continued increase in value over time, and so will the non-inflationary gold. 

Furthermore, Apollo Fintech intends to channel 50% of all profits (after expenditure and growth) to accumulate more assets such as mines, refineries and improved gold mining infrastructure. Ultimately, by 2021 Apollo Fintech intends to increase GSX asset backing by 500% using Apollo investments’ profits. 



GSX is the gift that keeps on increasing in value but more importantly, it is the gift that keeps on giving. During the pre-sale of the GSX, Apollo Fintech’s CEO Stephen McCullah, lauded GSX as the ultimate crypto investment because of the dividends, making it a uniquely never before offered product. Since holders of GSX are legally binding owners, they are automatically beneficiaries of any proceeds made. Holders will receive annual dividends from 50% of mined resources, after expenses and growth deductions. Aside from the dividends, GSX is redeemable for its value in fiat on Apollo exchanges, making it highly liquid.


Trust Ownership

As a GSX holder, you are the trust beneficiary and legal owner of all land rights. Apollo has put the assets, including companies and land, under a trust that gives GSX holders legally binding ownership. If an asset is sold within the company, GSX holders are the beneficiary of those proceeds.


GSX is set to be audited regularly by third parties to ensure transparency and accountability. Apollo fintech blockchain technology is transparent and immutable, assuring GSX holders that their investment is in safe hands. Moreover, Apollo boasts of the most feature-rich blockchain in the industry with technologies like Apollo updater, database sharding, atomic swaps, quantum resistance, and many more.


Apollo Fintech’s excellent product showcases profit, stability, and security through its convergence of the best of stablecoin, cryptocurrencies, and investment coins. The numerous fluctuations in the market price of traditional cryptocurrencies make them highly volatile to transact with or invest in. Gold Secured Currency is the ultimate solution giving investors more than enough incentives to spur their investment. Furthermore, it boasts of stability, promising less volatility in the market, thereby assuring investors of a secure and dividend-paying asset. All these features and benefits attached to the Gold Secured Currency translate to one truth that GSX is the best long term investment stablecoin ever.

Elina is New York based writer and media consultant. Currently she is involved as an advisor in several ICOs. In addition to her professional interests, she loves jazz, modern art, coffee, and yoga.

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