GainPool Explores Various Methods Of Promoting Its Services

The company intends to use the modern marketing methods to reach out to targeted audiences

DeFi projects are disrupting the financial field in significant ways never before seen. For developers, besides having high-quality projects, you must invest a lot in promoting the project. Multiple marketing strategies exist through which you can promote your DeFi project. However, not all of them can serve you well. Therefore, it’s critical to evaluate the available techniques to determine the best ones to use.  At GainPool, the project team intends to use the best marketing techniques to market the project. Keep reading to find out the best marketing tactics the company will use.

Content marketing

Content marketing entails using highly optimized blogs, articles, whitepapers, and e-Books for messaging the targeted audiences. The strategy involves creating informative pieces that are highly optimized for visibility. So, clients using specific keywords can easily find the information on websites. The company intends to use multiple channels to pass across its content messages. These include news portals, PR, Listing Websites, and blogs.

GainPool understands the power of audio-visual technologies in passing the message across. This connection will use various strategies, including YouTube, Medium, Telegram, Bitcoin Talk, Reddit, and Hacker Noon.

Social media/Influence marketing

Many people are likely to be found on social media. GainPool intends to use these channels effectively to engage audiences about its services.  YouTube influencers can create a powerful message about the brand that can lead to awareness and trust. By immersing a prospective customer in the project’s details, they can understand its objective and get influenced to support it. The influencer can review the project’s features and tell the audience how they can benefit from them. Because Crypto influencers have huge audiences, GainPool believes that their message about the brand will attract many people to the project.

Referral programs

Referrals programs act as an incentive for existing clients to bring more clients to the pool. In GainPool, each person with a wallet linked can access a referral link from the page. Once a person joins the collection, the referrer will receive a specific percentage of the claimed token straightaway to their wallet. The referral amount acts as an incentive to attract many people to invite their friends, colleagues, and family to the pool.

Brand partnerships

Sometimes it’s challenging to break even when the brand is relatively new in the market. However, when the brand teams up with like-minded partners, it can increase its visibility. GainPool intends to use the power of brand partnerships to drive more clients to the pools. The company will seek companies with similar objectives to work together in creating brand awareness.  Such alliances can build client trust, add value, and generate buzz around the brand.

Industry Events and Exhibition

Participating in significant crypto events can create awareness about the brand. GainPool intends to find out all the critical events in the industry and participate in them. At these exhibitions, the brand can have ambassadors and marketers who will explain how GainPool works.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a strategy that drives traffic from specific sites. GainPool can take advantage of different affiliate programs exist in the market. Affiliates pick the products they like and market them on behalf of their clients. GainPool will choose companions that will offer the most outstanding value to their brand.

Final Words

Marketing is a critical element of any DeFi project. GainPool will use multiple tactics to promote its innovative capital venture solutions. These include SEO marketing, brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, participating in events and exhibitions, social media promotions, industry influences, and content marketing.

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Elina is New York based writer and media consultant. Currently she is involved as an advisor in several ICOs. In addition to her professional interests, she loves jazz, modern art, coffee, and yoga.

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