Developers Improve HTML5 Gaming Industry, Add Blockchain

Egretia partnered with Egret Technologies to create the world’s first HTML5 blockchain platform with functionality for developers, users, content publishers, and advertisers. The blockchain is needed to solve ongoing issues within the HTML5 industry. To make the new platform work, Egretia leverages Egret software with access to two hundred thousand developers and one billion users.

HTML5 technology has been in development for several years and is already globally recognized, covering mobile games, advertising, video and other industries. One of the key players in the HTML5 gaming industry is Egret Technologies. Since releasing its first game in 2014, the company managed to create a full workflow for development consisting of fourteen products including the engine itself, an IDE visual editor, animation and cross-platform packaging tools.

Egret currently has over two hundred thousand active developers worldwide and its services are installed on more than one billion mobile devices around the world, according to the company. To solve major technical issues of the HTML5 industry, Egret partnered with the Egretia project, which aims to make blockchain a solution for these issues.

The Egretia ecosystem contains several core elements.

Egretia public chain

First of all, Egretia is aiming to integrate a blockchain interface layer into Egret’s development suite, which allows developers and designers to edit and debug code, visually adjust UI interface, create cross-platform animations and interactive media content, and publish HTML5 content as iOS or Android apps via the packaging tool.

Egretia’s own public chain is based on the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, aiming at optimizing HTML5 game performance. Using a DPoS mechanism, Egretia’s blockchain has already shown high processing power of more than 2,000 transactions per second. Moreover, Egretia allows for the dynamic adjustment of parameters like block size, output speed, and handling fees through a consensus voting method.

To allow “easy” access into the blockchain for HTML5 developers, Egretia will introduce a software development kit (SDK). With the SDK, developers may create HTML5 games and applications that provide blockchain capabilities such as digital wallets and smart contracts.

Egreten token

Egretia leverages its own utility token, Etegren, for all economic operations within the platform. For example, users can apply it to buy or sell items and pay for the content, take part in promotions, or get Egreten as a reward for participating in crowdfunding campaigns.

Developers receive Egreten for operating, developing, and promoting games as well as constructing in-game communications. Content publishers can employ Egreten for advertising on Egretia.

Egretia utilizes its own wallet for the Egreten to store users’ virtual assets, goods, crowdfunding, and in-game rewards.

Currently, PC, mobile, and browser versions of the wallet are being developed.

Four core products

Other essential elements of the Egretia ecosystem include distributed communications and storage platform, game distribution platform, virtual goods trading platform, and the advertising platform. Egretia will also establish an incubator to support game development teams and individuals.

With the game distribution platform, players can play HTML5 games, make payments with Egreten, or get token rewards by playing or sharing games with friends. Game developers get Egreten digital tokens by operating games.

Using the virtual goods trading platform, players can sell virtual goods of a certain game in exchange for Egreten digital tokens or vice versa.

An advertising platform from Egretia offers accurate user data on KYC principles. The platform is useful for advertisers. Additionally, developers leverage this platform to get Egreten through the integration of advertisement with content and spend tokens on delivering advertisements, while players can earn Egreten by forwarding ads.

Finally, using the SDK provided, developers can simply access Egretia communication services to set up online multiplayer, data storage, and back-end game logic customization.

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