Deus world’s biggest investment funds

As Deus was three years since founded, it has been one of the world’s biggest investment funds working with cryptocurrencies (blockchain). The Fund experts acknowledge that the industry faces one of the most troublesome periods, still, the prospects ahead are great as well. Some say the capitalization next year will be twice as big this year.

Here’s the history behind it.

May 2018 was the month when the Swedish based startup Ünderteck was founded by 3 crypto enthusiasts under the idea of STO technical realization. The main flaw here was the lack of Legal and Financial expertise.

September 2018 – the crypto meet up in Stockholm when investors and developers found each other and understood their shared goals.

November 2018 – the Deus company was founded with generalized idea of STO platform, which during the year till November 2019 had 10 successfully realized companies tokenization projects which profited and added wide partnerships network.  

For the two years the company of Deus have been working on automatization, that is the AI able to develop financial models based on the analysis of market actions. As the staff highlights, their pioneering technique relies on supercomputer-based massive data storages able to save “Million years of daily renewed trade data”, meaning that the market operations are unlimited. Deus AI is therefore able to customize and adjust the current trading strategies based on various sources such as markets, news media, and even traders’ psychological profiles.

Still, the main target of the Deus company is the strategic STO improvement, namely tokenization of projects and shares of companies, the direction which has originally brought investors to the platform. Nowadays security tokens are finally secure: they represent traditional debt and equity instruments, issued in a digital form and accounted in a distributed ledger. The platform thus is capable of acquiring shares of any company around the globe through the tokenized system free of additional charges and ‘blockchain safe”. STO market is going to reach $10 trillion capitalization with the Deus to be at the cutting edge for long ahead.

Fund is of great interest in the development of Deus showing a desire to see improvement of the protocol efficiency in the years to come.

Elina is New York based writer and media consultant. Currently she is involved as an advisor in several ICOs. In addition to her professional interests, she loves jazz, modern art, coffee, and yoga.

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