Curate- How Blockchain Makes it Possible

With the onset of transforming fashion trends with each passing day, we come across a plethora of frauds that happen deep inside the industry. Ever wondered that the lavish Armani Exchange watch that you buy through an online store is even worth your investment or not? You might end up receiving the original product or there would be times when you don’t even realize if the product was original or just a copy under the name of your preferred luxury brand. Such instances let you doubt the opaque supply chain of the products surrounding you. Curate, a decentralized fashion discovery platform is striving to enrich the fashion industry with a unique technology (RFID) to bring out transparency within the supply chain. 

How does Curate aim to implement transparency and sustainability through Remote Frequency Identification (RFID) with the three ‘E’s?

  • Examine the roots- The Remote Frequency Identification can function on your mobile phone camera where you scan the code of the item purchased by you. This in turn will show up the product history i.e from where the material is sourced, helping you know the nature of fabric of the purchased item and where the cloth has come from. 
  • Eliminate fraud The RFID will help you to get away with the fake designers that surround you with the exact copies of your favoured products. Curate equips the sellers with a unique identity that is labelled on the smart tags, verifying the uniqueness of the purchased product. It’s time to waive off the misleading!
  • Encourage sustainability People insist on buying clothes that are manufactured with ardent consideration to the environment. RFID will help you dive deep into the roots of the product ensuring that the purchased item contributes to sustainability and is not a detriment to the environment. 

How does it guarantee the authenticity of user data?

Curate has implemented the KYC protocol in order to gather information about the users on the platform. This coupled along with verification would maintain a unique identity of each and every user on the platform by rooting out activities such as multiple accounts of a single user on the platform. With this, the platform will stay protected from all the fake reviews that might crash the platform from multiple fake identities. This will help in accumulating a casket of genuine comments/reviews that help in upvoting the curated designs on the platform. 

Step into the Future!

Curate seamlessly integrates all these technologies to bring you a service which is both secure and reliable, leveraging the unique features of blockchain technology to give you a trust-factor which stands unmatched. 

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Elina is New York based writer and media consultant. Currently she is involved as an advisor in several ICOs. In addition to her professional interests, she loves jazz, modern art, coffee, and yoga.

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