Community focused on ethereum comes to the market with innovations.

Ethereum is a worldwide, decentralized platform for smart contracts functionality. Ethereum uses ether as its major asset. It is the platform’s cryptocurrency token. With ethereum, it is possible for anyone to form software on the network.

A community that focuses on ethereum presents more innovations to the market because of what ethereum brings to the table all over the world. Some of the gains offered by ethereum from include;

  1. Decentralized finance

This is where consumer products are created out of financial experimentations. Ethereum has created a platform for testing financial products and refining them. The products can get finalized and disseminated to a wide population of users across the internet. Decentralized finance offers both the tools used in production and the market consumers of the products. Most industries in the finance sector lack the proper know-how when it comes to financial experimentation. It is because of decentralized finance that ethereum is considered highly innovative when it comes to financial experimentation.

  1. Reduced costs of iteration and experimentation

Ethereum has brought about the emergence of a cheaper developer sandbox. This has been enabled by the open program forum, where anyone can create a program on the platform. This means it is possible and much easier for anyone to add more information and ideas to the common library of knowledge systems, which developers can access. This system has been termed as money legos by the ethereum community. Any moment someone creates something new and adds it to the system, this knowledge is within reach of all developers and so they can all benefit from it.

  1. Everex

This is a decentralized app that allows for a P2P payment system. Users can send, lend, and also trade any fiat currency within the shortest time possible. There is also a microfinancing program that benefits users with limited credit accounts. Such users take part in this program in exchange for limited borrowing opportunities.

  1. EtherTweet

This is a messaging platform almost similar to Twitter on the ethereum blockchain. Unlike Twitter, EtherTweet stores all its messages on the blockchain. It also eliminates any kind of censorship out of the platform. It is also possible for users to send and receive etheurem using the platform’s donations function.

  1. VeChain Thor

This is a decentralized app by ethereum that allows for detailed tracking of a product’s quality and authenticity through its supply chain. VeChain customers have been using a functional version of it over the years. The VeChain Thor operates with data of all products kept safely on the ethereum blockchain.

In summary, ethereum has immensely offered more innovations owing to its services in the market.


Elina is New York based writer and media consultant. Currently she is involved as an advisor in several ICOs. In addition to her professional interests, she loves jazz, modern art, coffee, and yoga.

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