Clever Protocol – An Investment Opportunity with a Long-Term Vision

Clever Protocol - An Investment Opportunity with a Long-Term Vision

In truth, the global fascination with cryptocurrencies has reduced quite massively since the last decade. However, it has not stopped the industry from being less impactful in the lives of the tech-aficionados. Since its inception, a wide array of cryptocurrency projects has arrived in the market. However, among them, only a few have taken it by storm.

So, like every year, the year 2021, too, comes with a brand, unique, and exciting project, Clever Protocol. It showcases an intricate yet innovative design, which employs blockchain to allocate secure payments to the users. It usually follows a 14-day cycle, which means that you can acquire your earnings pretty quickly as well.

Why Is It Ideal for Long-Term Planning?

Well, there are several reasons, which makes the Clever Protocol appear as an ideal long-term investment platform. The following are a few of them.

  • Zero Token Supply: Unlike most other DeFi projects, the CEO, Bryan Legend, is against pre-mining tokens. Instead, his team will only take a minimal fee of 0.1% interest in each of the cycles.

It will help them in fostering technology even more while doing some extra research as well. Moreover, due to the zero token supply method, the platform will not receive any unethical practice.

Hence, the toxicity and hacking issues will not be prevalent here as well.

  • Decentralized Platform: As a unique decentralized platform, Clever Protocol runs on a Decentralized Distributing Mechanism (DDM). The Clever Protocol is quite advanced in the market and aims to provide regular earning to all its users.

But how does it do so? For starters, the module distributes the payable interest once every 14 days. Hence, you will receive the additional currency almost right after investing in it.

Besides, the module will last for around 888 cycles as well. Thus, if you tend to stay here for a while, you will keep receiving compound interest for 34 years.

Thus, if you are considering something for the long haul, Clever Protocol should be perfect.

  • Sustainable: The Clever Protocol program will launch in February 2021. During the beginning, you will need to mint as many tokens as possible through the platform.

The whole minting period will last for one month only. So, the earlier you begin your venture, the more beneficial it will be for you. As none of the tokens will be taken by the Clever DeFi owners, it will be even simpler for them to collect them.

But how is it sustainable? Well, the platform will provide around 11% interest in the compound rate. Thus, if you can continue it for 34 years, you can efficiently accumulate a hefty sum of currency.


If you are considering a long-term investment, then the Clever Protocol can, indeed, be an excellent option for you. So, make sure to keep the official launch date in mind to begin minting as earlier as possible than others.

Elina is New York based writer and media consultant. Currently she is involved as an advisor in several ICOs. In addition to her professional interests, she loves jazz, modern art, coffee, and yoga.

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