CFX – A Project that Has Captured the Hearts of Crypto Enthusiasts

CFX - A Project for Crypto Enthusiasts

In the crypto world, numerous projects are launched daily. However, only a few truly stand out to the masses. One such project is CFX, a project designed to solve numerous issues faced by participants in the crypto sector. Recently, CFXQ tokens were listed on seven exchanges. Since the listing, the tokens have been doing quite well, and their value has soared. This is a reflection of the faith that the community has in the future success of the project.

ZEROONE, a Unique System for Participants

ZEROONE is a unique concept that is being brought to market by the CFX project. It is a revolutionary concept created thanks to the Fujitsu Digital Annealer. CFX Quantum worked on the project with a university research center to create a mathematical formula for this astounding pre-quantum chip from the giant Japanese company in order to allow arbitrage trading of crypto and other assets at the lowest risk possible.

A unique aspect of the chip is its ability to conduct lightning-fast calculations and transmit orders at those same speeds. It creates a unique opportunity that CFX Quantum is able to share with its token holders, giving a bonus of 1% a month at near-zero risk.

The ZEROONE system can achieve this by utilizing arbitrage trading with lightning-fast speeds. It is made possible by the fact that the same assets are often bought and sold in different markets at the same time. While most participants in the markets try do this, especially brokers, speed is critical to the mission. By using the Digital Annealer, CFX can find opportunities for arbitrage in less than a second and therefore be able to exploit even small differences in price. The operation is considered zero-risk since no position is taken on the market.

With the CFXQ tokens already launched, the system is expected to begin sending monthly rewards at a 1% premium by February 2021. While it comes with minimal risk, counterpart risk does remain. However, this risk is constantly monitored by CFX by selecting only the most liquid exchanges.

The ZEROONE debut is currently the focus of everyone at CFX Quantum. ZEROONE is a stable coin pegged in Euro and asset-backed in Crypto, in particular USDT. Thus far, all tests have been quite positive, and CFX has set up risk management and a trading room to control operations. The data are constantly analyzed to ensure delivery on the expectations of their users.

What the Future Holds for CFX Quantum

While the team has officially released no details, you can be sure that they are working hard to create services that help to ease the lives of the masses globally. The main goal is to facilitate the process for anyone to enter into the new decentralized finance sector and to help users achieve financial independence. While the financial sector has come a long way, it is still inaccessible to billions of people around the world. CFX Quantum is committed to looking into ideas and projects that could help to alleviate the masses from their current financial state.

What the Leadership Team Had to Say

Commenting on the recent listing of the CFXQ tokens, Marco Mottana, the Co-Founder of CFX Quantum Ltd. said, “We were very pleased with the listing of the tokens. Thus far, the performance of the tokens on exchanges has exceeded all of our expectations. The launch of the tokens marks a small but important step in the future of CFX Quantum. We will roll out exciting products and tools for our community over the coming months. “

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