Cabana Token: Hold To Get Cake And Banana As Rewards

What is Cabana Token?

Cabana is a next-generation auto-claim and first dual-dividend yield token built on BSC that rewards holders with Cake and Banana. Cake from PancakeSwap tokens and Banana from Ape Swap rewards are sent to the wallets of Cabana token holders. 

It is the first token in the world to have a great reflection feature. It is built on the Binance Smart Chain and the token contract has a static reward system that constitutes 15% of every transaction. Unique system auto-claims the amount due for every single holder and this is called the Cabana Protocol. Users just have to buy and hold to receive Cake and Banana in their wallets. 

Cabana is upscaling a concept that was popularised by Safemoon and the mechanism involves incentivising token holders to hold in order to earn dividends from buys and sells. 

Features of Cabana 

15% of each transaction is split in three as follows: 8% for Cake + Banana redistribution to holders, 3% will be used to fuel the liquidity pool exchange growth and 4% token is for the buyback or the marketing wallet. A 1% sell fee was added on top of the initial 15% transaction fee to incentivize holding/reducing, pump/dump dynamics. 

The token is based on a Dividend-Paying Token Standard and it means that all Cake + Banana contract gains will be split equally among the token holders. The minimum token balance of Cabana required to receive Cake and Banana is 4000. This token has a high potential appeal to be a GEM, can be called a Hidden GEM. CABANA can grow your investment to 20X to 30X if found early. 

The total supply of Cabana tokens is very little and is only 50,000,000, unlike other similar tokens and this property can bring all possible ways to make CABANA

token price to reach the moon.  The token will be burned on a yearly basis, the Cabana team will buy back and burn a certain amount of tokens in order to hike the token price for the long run. Initially, the liquidity will be locked for 6 months or more using DXLock to earn the trust of the holders. 

Cabana is undertaking a heavy marketing plan and 4% of every transaction is allocated for this purpose in BNB to fuel the project and to actively reward the community

Private and Public Sale 

The private and public sale of Cabana tokens will be held in two stages:- 

HARD CAP – 660 BNB and SOFT CAP – 400 BNB. 

The private sale token / BNB ratio is 42,000 with a 40%  difference from the listing price in pancake swap. The private sale will last for 7 days and dates will be announced soon in CABANA Token Community

The public sale token / BNB ratio is 35,000 with a 20% difference from the listing price in pancake swap. The date and duration will be announced soon in CABANA Token Community.

Cabana’s roadmap 

The Cabana ecosystem has come a far way from the days when it was just an idea. The team has managed to put together the token, its telegram launch, twitter launch, whitepaper and website. In addition to those, Cabana token has also been audited and has been involved in airdrop with a popular airdrop company. Following the Pancakeswap listing, Cabana aims to get listed in CoinGecko and Coin Market Cap. It has set milestones of future audits, social media marketings building a utility platform and a growing community. 

Contract Audit

To make sure of the integrity of the token the team has purchased an audit with SOKEN. This is to ensure that there are no loopholes such as integer overflow/underflow, Callstack depth attack, timestamp dependency, parity Multisig Bug and transaction-ordering dependency. Cabana is 100% transparent and the verified token contract is available to the public on BSCscan. 

To know more, visit the website:

Official Telegram Community –

Official Twitter Account – 

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