BitcoinNami launches a new staking project BTCNX – a protocol for enriching traders’ assets 2021

Crypto staking is a trend that has arisen in reaction to the increasing energy consumption caused by Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocols on the Crypto blockchain. Staking is worked based on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS), it entails obtaining and reserving a specific amount of tokens that will be needed to authenticate blockchain transactions. Staking’s demand is escalating gradually and BitcoinNami launches their new staking project – BTCNX in response to the huge demand of traders from the market. BTCN is expected to aid traders fulfilling goals and enriching the assets pacely. Let’s explore the BTCNX staking project and the reasons why traders should invest in BitcoinNami!

About BitcoinNami

BitcoinNami is selected as one of the most attractive platforms in 2021 which brings to you the profit in every second. It can be understood effortlessly since the platform collaborated with several well-known corporations in different fields such as Blockinvest Venture and the reputed Singapore-based cryptocurrency CoinHe. Furthermore, BitcoinNami has a good development goal as a network protocol that links decentralized apps and services, allowing separate blockchains to exchange in a fast and timely way. It is also designed to establish locations where any form of data from various blockchains may be handled, moved, and traded in a swift and sensible way. BitcoinNami targets to be a true multi-chain framework, designed to facilitate cross-chain interoperability and scalability of blockchains.

Transformation of arbitrary data across public, open, permissionless blockchains, private or  permissioned blockchains are indispensable to mention about BitcoinNami which created the advantages for BitcoinNami compared to other platforms. Additionally, with the increasing price of the BEP-20 token – BTCN and the record of selling over 150,000 BTCN in 20 minutes, it demonstrated the potential and reliability of this token.  With the explicit vision and the above exquisite achievements, it demonstrates BitcoinNami is a reputable platform and traders possibly expect BitcoinNami’s new staking project – BTCNX to bring forwards more benefits for traders and the Crypto market in general.

What is Staking and why BTCNX?

Staking cryptocurrency is the practice of purchasing and reserving a specific quantity of tokens in order to become an active validating node for the network. The buyer becomes a key part of the network’s security architecture merely by keeping these coins and is compensated accordingly. Staking income is offered in the form of interest paid to the holder, while rates vary from one network to the other depending on several factors including supply and demand dynamics.

As the number of PoS-based networks evolves, new and innovative ways to stake crypto have arisen, such as the development of group staking, also known as staking pools, staking providers, and cold staking. These efforts seek to equalize access to staking possibilities for retail investors who own a limited number of tokens on a certain network.

With those above reasons, BTCNX is established to satisfy and create an equal free market for everyone. Aside from that, BTCNX has their ultimate strategies in attracting more people to stake in BTCNX by a referral rewarding system and different interest rate staking plans. We will explore it in the next following parts.

BitcoinNami staking packages and investment process

BitcoinNami puts numerous efforts into the BTCN project, thus it publishes 3 attractive staking packages – which could be considered as the exclusive on the market at the moment. There are 3 packages for investors to choose their staking plans with the interest rate starting from 12% to 15% with three titles ”Basic – Intermediate – Advanced”.

The investment process of BTCNX is easy to follow and implement for all traders even though they are not well-experienced. You can use USDT, BTCN to make purchases of Staking packages. When the transaction is successful,  you will receive an amount of BTCNX equivalent to your investment. Then you will stake BTCNX to earn more BTCNX. When investors want to withdraw or perform other transactions, investors can convert it to USDT to use. The diagram below illustrates specifically regarding the investment process.

The referral system

One of the most benefits only at BTCNX is investors can earn more passive income by introducing more people staking in BitcoinNami. When traders join the system of King Mining and introduce new people, traders are able to receive a % of the commission from the system. With the 5-level referral system, investors will have the opportunity to earn more commissions by expanding the referral network. Especially, traders not only get direct commission, but also get % commission when  F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 generate commission.

For example, when your F1 invests $ 10,000, you will directly receive 6% of your downline investment corresponding to $ 600. In addition, you will also receive a profit commission corresponding to % of the profit received from F1.

Level Investment Commission Profit Commission
F1 6% 5%
F2 3% 2%
F3 2% 2%
F4 1% 0.5%
F5 1% 0.5%


BitcoinNami is a virtual platform for investors to trade their assets and with the new project staking feature BTCNX, it obviously brings straightforwardly more benefits to the Crypto community and traders to obtain targets. Staking with BTCNX now today to enrich your assets and be a wisdom investor in 2021! BitcoinNami welcomes you!

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