Bitcoin-Skeptic Warren Buffett to Host $4.37M Lunch With Tron Founder

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On Monday Tron Founder Justin Sun excitedly tweeted that he had won an auction to have lunch with legendary investor Warren Buffett. Will Sun shill Buffett on the merits of Tron and BitTorrent?

 Will the Oracle of Omaha Drink the Kool-Aid?

On Monday Tron founder Justin Sun revealed that he had secured a lunch with the legendary investor and ‘Oracle of Omaha’ Warren Buffett. Securing a sit down with the man behind Berkshire Hathaway is a coveted experience that cost Sun $4.67 million, just a smidgeon more than the $3.3 million an anonymous winner spent for a power lunch with Buffett in 2018.

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The crypto community is bound to be extremely curious about the exact nature of the conversation as Buffett is no stranger to cryptocurrency and has a well-documented history as a fierce critic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general.

Previously Buffett has referred to Bitcoin as “rat poison” and a made-up speculative “gambling device [that hasn’t] produced anything” and has “no intrinsic value.” What’s on the plate is likely to be another curiosity surrounding the meetup as Buffett is known to be a frequent consumer of Cherry Coke, McDonald’s breakfast McMuffins, potato chips, and assorted sweets.

Sun secured the lunch by winning an auction and the two are scheduled to meet in New York at the Smith and Wollensky Steakhouse. Similar to Buffet’s massive $81.6 billion fortune, all the proceeds from the auction will go to charity. In this instance the recipient of the funds will go to the Glide Foundation, a San Francisco-based NGO focused on helping the homeless.

Will Buffett Shill Tron and BitTorrent Token?

Conversation wise, Sun intends to share the potential blockchain technology offers to multiple sectors and its capacity to foster entrepreneurship.

Sun also intimated that he will attempt to alter Buffett’s perception of cryptocurrency and perhaps Sun’s infamous bravado will help to convince Buffett of the merits of blockchain and cryptocurrency. It appears that TRX 00 rallied 6% off the luncheon news but BitTorrent token was unaffected and is down 5% at the time of writing.

Reactions from the crypto-community have varied with some exciting positive leaning tweets and of course a flurry of skeptics and naysayers. Crypto analyst Alex Kruger predicted that Sun will receive a ‘scolding’ for “pumping a sh*tcoin with announcements of announcements of announcements that add no value.”

A familiar expression says that one can’t teach an old dog new tricks but with the cryptocurrency market in a strong uptrend and bullish institutional investors setting up shop in the space, only time will tell if Warren Buffett will change his harsh views on cryptocurrency.

Do you think Justin Sun will change Buffett’s perception of cryptocurrency? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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