Bitcoin Forums Overview

Bitcoin Forums Overview

It’s hard to argue that Bitcoin ecosystem significantly differs from traditional financial environment by its community. Apart from various websites covering news of the cryptocurrency world, like CoinDesk, CCN, Bitcoin Magazine, and others, specialised forums and discussions ongoing there play an outstanding role, up to influencing the Bitcoin price.

Best Bitcoin Forums and Community Platforms

In 6 years of Blockchain existence, some forums managed to win trust and attention of the Bitcoin community. In fact, we may say they are the Bitcoin community and include those pioneers who made first Bitcoin transactions ever. 

BitcoinTalk is the most well-known, respected and regularly updated forum, active since 2010. This forum is treated like the official Bitcoin community platform. Being not limited to a certain geographic location, BitcoinTalk still has active threads in various languages, which makes it global and local at once. 

Although Reddit is a community for everyone and on everything, it has a specialised subreddit on Bitcoin, /r/Bitcoin, counting now over 170,000 readers. Top news that somehow concern Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies appear here in several seconds after having been published in the original media sources, naturally leading to lively discussions. 

Recently,, probably the most famous and desired website within the industry, has launched the official forum. It has been already joined by such well-known personalities within Bitcoin industry, as Charlie Shrem and Roger Ver. By the way, there is now a chance to win $1,000 for the most appreciated post on the forum. The Bitcoin community will definitely be watching whether forum is going to beat BitcoinTalk. Will you, as well?

CoinPursuit is an alternative platform where members of the Bitcoin community share cryptocurrency-related links and initiate discussions via SliceFeed, a unique interactive social component. The website works similarly to the blockchain, including a confirmations system. CoinPursuit allows posting various types of content, among them conversations, notes, rumours, tips, links, video.

The majority of the Bitcoin community concentrates in the above-mentioned platforms. However, there are many other targeted forums, varying by language, location, alt coin discussions, etc. Among them: Bits.Media, Cryptocointalk, LitecoinTalk, Bitcoin Garden, BitBiz, Bittiraha, and others.

CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange at the Top Bitcoin Forums

We at CEX.IO strive to be as active in the Bitcoin community, as possible. Thus, we have created official accounts on the top Bitcoin forums. These accounts participate in discussions on behalf of CEX.IO company. Here are some official forum threads to check out: 

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