A New World of Digital Finance and Communication is to Surface with ATRONOCOM

The idea of virtual currency has been around for quite some time now. However, its popularity and circulation among the common masses is still a subject to speculate. This mostly attributes to the hassles of owning cryptocurrencies that are handy and steadfast to use in real time. The need of the hour is a robust platform that is easily accessible, comprehensible, and flexible to user needs and choices. ATRONOCOM is a perceptive platform that strives to address the situation, thus accelerating the stagnant rush of Decentralization globally.

Tapping on the immense prospects consorted with “the Time of Smartphones,” the Dubai-based Blockchain and Software Development Company, ATRONOCOM, has developed a decentralized application (DApp) for popular smartphone platforms. The DApp is fashioned in a way to be run, managed and controlled by the users on their respective smartphones via secure and transparent gateways. ATRONOCOM employs the mainstream blockchain technology in gaining the end. The DApp that is both Android and iOS compatible, comes as a assortment of various features and products that brings almost everything across the crypto bounds to one’s fingertips.

The most striking aspect of ATRONOCOM is its DPoS-enabled staking option. The feature forms the crux of the project by creating a green business for users and generating crypto for the company to expand and distribute the network for security and fair governance. ATRONOCOM engages Light nodes or SPV nodes for verification of the authenticity of transactions. Full nodes are used as intermediaries for various inbuilt functions starting from querying the latest headers to the actual introduction of staking. Initially, the smartphones are interlinked through connecting of wallets to relay nodes rich in API functionality. The investors then place their coins in wallets and elect delegates who in turn create new blocks in the network. The cycle continues until the completion of the confirmation process on every allied smartphone. Each complete staking process earns the user an incentive.

Besides cell phone staking on Android and iOS, the platform provides its users with a physical debit bank card, exchange feasibility for crypto and other OTC trading, and also a high-security communication messenger. The ATRONOCOM bank card is in direct association with the ATRONOCOM system and can be used at about 40 million contact points all over the world. Its provisions include online Partner Account registration, DApp account management and usability for all other services and products. A highly secure communication messenger is the sole solution for privacy and data theft issues facing the industrial front today. The reliable Pentagon-standard messaging protocol of ATRONOCOM messenger enhances trust factor among its users through making their communications P2P encrypted, immutable and garnered with multiple complementary messaging options.

The ATRONOCOM platform is set to release in its third phase and be accessible through Play Store and Apple Store on desktops, laptops and smartphones alike. Having secured a prominent position in one of the fastest developing markets at its very inception, ATRONOCOM is laying out a promising design for the future of decentralization.

Elina is New York based writer and media consultant. Currently she is involved as an advisor in several ICOs. In addition to her professional interests, she loves jazz, modern art, coffee, and yoga.

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