A Crypto Goldmine Open to Everyone for Only $0.10

Crypto Goldmine Open to Everyone for Only $0.10

As a result of its huge business opportunities, the Nigerian healthcare sector is described as a largely untapped goldmine that should interest any good investor. What if you could invest in this crypto goldmine with as little as $0.10? 

As far back as two years ago, healthcare was already one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. About 75% of Nigeria’s healthcare transactions are private driven. Nigeria is also said to be the largest economy in Africa. 

Although the healthcare industry has been on a growth Fastlane, it experiences some major setbacks with its inadequate technological advancements as well as slow adoption within the areas of real-time data gathering, big-data-driven research, accurate data analysis, ease of healthcare accessibility, substandard healthcare infrastructure and facilities, etc. 

With Nigeria as the largest market in Africa, this also transforms into being the largest healthcare market in the continent. This knowledge shows that there are numerous investment opportunities in the health care sector within the country. 

And with the implementation of technologies such as the aforementioned blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) by startups like NiMEDix Ecosystem, the opportunity to harness a great portion of Africa’s healthcare wealth is now presented to everyone. 

This investment in Africa’s healthcare goldmine for as little as $0.10 is made possible by the innovative implementation of Blockchain (Burstchain) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) creating a decentralized healthcare ecosystem operated with its digital healthcare currency, NIM coin which will be available for purchase (investment) by 12th July 2020, at an initial price of $0.10 (IEO). 

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Operating in a goldmine such as the Nigerian healthcare market, the value of the NIM coin is expected to soar just as we noticed with Bitcoin, starting from under $1 per coin to now over $8000. Digital currencies are a new asset class rapidly gaining acceptance. 

As paper-based currency (fiat) has numerous downsides and making matters worse, it aids the spread of the world’s major problem, the coronavirus. Digital cryptocurrencies are now being called upon and they speedily replace the current fiat currency tech because they are: 

  • Decentralized – With crypto such as NIM coin, you own your investment because there is no central authority to play around with your finances at will as we see with our current fiat banks. 
  • Fraud free – Cryptocurrencies like the NIM coin cannot be counterfeited or reversed illegally by a sender. 
  • Lower fees – Although very little charge fees are incurred with third-party services such as Bitfxt which lets anyone create and maintain a secure crypto wallet just like PayPal does for cash, cryptocurrency transactions are free of charge. 

Others include; access to everyone, immediate settlement, no identity theft, but most importantly, you own it. 

These are the offerings of the NiMEDix ecosystem healthcare currency within the goldmine known as Nigeria, in Africa. Getting your healthcare currency only requires that you: 

  1. Create an account on 
  2. Fund your Bitfxt wallet with your current paper currency or another cryptocurrency. 
  3. Use your available funds in your wallet to purchase (invest) in the NIM coin, NiMEDix Ecosystem. 

The NIM coin is not just an investment, it is also said to be a sort of healthcare insurance as you can use it in exchange for healthcare services and industry transactions. Technology is an opportunity bank, NiMEDix is a good luck bridge to Africa’s healthcare goldmine. 

The NIM coin invests in better healthcare services for Africa and better healthcare results in more healthcare revenue. Therefore, Every NIM investor tends to be a profitable investor. 

Elina is New York based writer and media consultant. Currently she is involved as an advisor in several ICOs. In addition to her professional interests, she loves jazz, modern art, coffee, and yoga.

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