RELEASE Coin (REL) to be Listed on LATOKEN Exchange on 20th November

The much-awaited RELEASE Coin (REL) tokens will be made available on the popular LATOKEN exchange on 20th November 2018.

The RELEASE ICO Project has been making quite some news recently, and the RELEASE Coin token is an integral part of the project as all transactions within the RELEASE social commerce platform will be done using the RELEASE Coins.


LATOKEN is a crypto exchange platform that is ranked among the world’s top 50 cryptocurrency exchange platforms by CoinmarketCap. The platform has a daily turnover of over $40 million and mainly focuses on liquidation of new tokens in the market.

LATOKEN also acts as a crypto/fiat gateway which gains much attraction to the platform and has a low withdrawal and trading fees. The platform currently has over 180 crypto trading pairs, and new trading pairs are added each week.

Blockchain projects with colossal growth potential usually list their token offerings within the LATOKEN platform to get investor attention and gain higher liquidity for their tokens.

About the RELEASE ICO Project

The RELEASE ICO Project is backed by the RELEASE social commerce platform that integrates the features of SNS (Social Networking Sites) and e-commerce websites.

The platform focuses on providing registered members with a chance to contribute content to the platform and get paid for it. Members of the platform also play the role of evaluators wherein they evaluate the content published within the platform and get paid for their contribution as well.

The reward mechanism for both contributors and evaluators within the RELEASE platform will encourage member participation on the platform, thus helping to validate the content within the platform and hence remove any false or misleading content from the platform.

The platform implements Smart Contracts technology which makes the RELEASE platform to efficiently function as an e-commerce platform, allowing users to conveniently buy and sell products or services without having to pay any extra fees.

User privacy is a significant concern nowadays regarding social networking sites, and as the blockchain technology powers the RELEASE social commerce platform, it will ensure user privacy protection by storing data in decentralized locations making it harder to access for hackers.

Another critical feature of the RELEASE social commerce platform is the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. The platform combines the elements of Blockchain + Artificial Intelligence + Big Data to offer users faster and personalized search results. The AI-backed deep learning algorithms will learn from user behavior within the RELEASE platform and will provide them with content that they honestly will want to see.

With billions of people from all around the world using social networking and e-commerce websites regularly, the RELEASE social commerce platform is going to be a highly advanced and secure platform when it launches publicly on March 2019.

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